Innovative Digital Print Solution for Glass - A Marabu and Koenig & Bauer collaboration

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This session explains the outstanding cooperation between the different departments of Marabu and Koenig & Bauer. From the RD phase up to the market launch, we have really worked closely together. In the RD phase, the Marabu chemist and Koenig & Bauer engineers match the ink on the process. Small changes in the formulation or adjustments in the process have a big influence on the end product. So it is important to balance both parts. For any customer, they will have the benefit of two contact persons with Marabu´s ink specialist and Koenig & Bauer's printing specialist. The customer´s benefit is, that they get the best of two worlds. Chemical and mechanical engineering.

What does this innovation mean for the design of cylindric glass objects?

The new technology offers a great opportunity for new design options. Compared to conventional embossing designs. This technology stands out with excellent contour sharpness. So the finest contours and points are realizable. In combination with the standard Ultra jet DUV-C, designers are able to combine visual and haptic decoration. By printing layer after layer, increases the depth effect possibilities. That gives the designer a totally new opportunity for decoration. And of course, inkjet is the only contactless printing method. That means that convex and concave geometries can be printed like the transition to the bottleneck or deepening's. This will give you the freedom to decorate 3D objects not possible to decorate by analogue printing methods.

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